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Books for 5-8 Year Olds

My child is 5-8 years old. What should I look for when picking a book they will want to read? We asked Sydney Catholic Schools’ Education Officer: Reading Recovery, Rosemary Peric. 1. What should


Dance – the fever is rising!

Students at St Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School Wooloware show their skills and passion for partner and group dance as Interschool Dance Champions once again for 2019. DanceFever provides students with the


Art program prompts student success

Innovative art lessons and a passionate teacher have helped a St Francis De Sales Catholic Primary School Woolaware student earn a place in the running for a trip to Japan. Rhett Ellis, Year 2,


Science fair fizzes again

The 2019 St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School Woolooware Annual Science Fair had a special buzz in the air. The event kicked off with an engaging “Science Fizzics” incursion for the whole school

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