Leadership and Staff

Leadership and Staff2019-12-10T22:45:57+00:00

Ms Suzanne Clay
Ms Suzanne ClayPrincipal
Ms Laurie Geraghty
Ms Laurie GeraghtyAssistant Principal
Ms Rosemary Plowman
Ms Rosemary PlowmanLeadership Coordinator
Mrs Denise Arnold
Mrs Denise ArnoldSpecialist Teacher
Mrs Amy Dissanayke
Mrs Amy DissanaykeClassroom Teacher
Mrs Lisa Gill
Mrs Lisa GillClassroom Teacher
Mrs Bernadette Hardwick
Mrs Bernadette HardwickClassroom Teacher
Ms Natalie Harris
Ms Natalie HarrisClassroom Teacher
Ms Ashleigh Jensen
Ms Ashleigh JensenClassroom Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Kokineli
Mrs Rebecca KokineliClassroom Teacher
Mrs Christine Martin
Mrs Christine MartinClassroom Teacher
Mrs Lisa Overton
Mrs Lisa OvertonFamily Educator
Mrs Lisa Tanti
Mrs Lisa TantiClassroom Teacher
Mr Gregory Thomas
Mr Gregory ThomasClassroom Teacher
Mrs Sandra Costa
Mrs Sandra CostaLearning Support Officer
Mrs Tracy Guiotto
Mrs Tracy GuiottoLearning Support Officer
Mrs Martine McGilvray
Mrs Martine McGilvrayLearning Support Officer

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